What happened to creativity?

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It’s a complex and subjective emotion, but one that’s familiar to most humans.

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EMPATHY: “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

But what makes a person an Empath with a capital “E” other than experiencing this emotion? The definition of this phenomenon varies but here is what multiple sources agree upon:

  • Highly sensitive and easily overwhelmed with emotion.
  • Vulnerable to toxic people (or “energy vampires”)
  • Intuitive
  • Introverted, quiet, and good listeners.
  • Burnt out by crowds. Prefer one-on-one conversations.
  • Motivated to help others to the extent of being self-sacrificing.


We are not objects for your saviour narratives, pity points, or inspiration porn.

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  • She spends years researching this demographic, using what people of this demographic consider hate groups as her sources.
  • For the titular character, she casts an actor who is of this demographic. However, this actor struggles to cope with feeling overwhelmed and disrespected on set. …

And how replace them.

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How motivational life advice bypasses executive dysfunction and other disabilities.

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  • If you cared about your goals, you wouldn’t be distracted. If you procrastinate, you obviously don’t care.
  • Work now. Rest when you’re successful. Then when you achieve that goal, raise your stakes again. Rest when you’re dead.
  • Don’t listen to the voice telling you to take a break. …

“The Song of Love” by Giorgio de Chirico. 1915

This narrative voice is controversial. Here’s how it can make or break a piece of fiction.

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Who was the man behind the diagnosis? How Hans Asperger’s eugenicist-based research shapes the modern perception of autism.

No human being looks like a piece of fruit. Let’s explore a healthier relationship with fashion.

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Zoe Tempest-Petre

Novelist. English literature student. Vegan. Cat lady. Neurodivergent. Chaotic Sagittarius.

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